Our company and businesses  

We are committed to providing nutrition for pigs. We aim at helping farmers producing value-added pigs as well as best-quality and safe pork for consumers.  

 United Feeding Company Limited was founded in 1978 by focusing on breeding chickens. At the time, Mr. Porn Leophairatana was the chairman of the United Feeding. In 1990, the company entered animal feed business under the chairmanship of Dr. Niphon Laoworavit. Our factory in Nong Khae district of Saraburi province produced feed for quality broilers, layers and pigs and some growing pigs concentrated feed serving independent farmers customers nationwide.   

In 2000, United Feeding Co., Ltd made a strategic shift from general feed milling to pig feed specializing in piglet feed and nutrition. Today United Feeding Co., Ltd. is the leading producer of nursery piglet for independent pig farms in Thailand.

Our experts in the field of animal husbandry, nutrition, and veterinary medicine work towards developing novel products and processes to ensure the most consistent high density feed that is both nutritious and tasty for the animals. We also support farmers provide better standards of animal husbandry so that they will prosper in producing, healthy animals. 



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